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#MOBETTER FOOD is the 2nd motto of #Familyhood

#MoBetterFood states “every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and grocery store.’ Especially in low-income communities, #MoBetterfood emphasizes these low-cost , healthy, start-ups as school based enterprises that are planned and operated by the three main organizations mentioned in motto 1…i.e. Student Government Associations, Parent Teacher Assocations, and Alumni...

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1st Saturdays kicks off in October of 2017

For Immediate Release: 1st Saturdays will kick off October 7th, 2017 We are revamping our site: to promote schools to sign up between now and October 7th. We will have a both space at the upcmoing Oakland Volunteer Fair on September 9th. We call it a global initiative because any school globally can register their school as a location at...

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#Familyhood defines schools as the hub for community development

#Familyhood defines schools as the hub for community development. #Familyhood is an inter-generational approach of creating collaboration from within the school. The vision of the big head, pictured here, is a symbol of one of the main functions of the school. “To grow its intelligence.” It does this each year by welcoming new students to enter as well as capture Alumni as they...

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#Join us on Sept 9th for Oakland Volunteer Fair! We will have a booth there promoting #1stSaturday’s. 1st Saturdays is the ‘do now” strategy to advance communities towards #Familyhood. #Familyhood is our vision of utilizing schools as hubs for community development. The school begins by strengthening itself, internally. Like organs make the body work, schools need its three basic membership organizations functioning and in...

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Familyhood -10-3

#Familyhood -10-3   Since the inception of The Familyhood Connection Inc, our mission and strategy of promoting programs that bring the generations together to improve communities, has evolved with technology to include the hashtag “#” in front of the word “Familyhood.” To create a general understanding of what #Familyhood means, this document, “ #Familyhood – 10-3 ” was written. 10-3 represents October 3rd, 2015- the launch date of #Familyhood has three main definitions: 1) #Familyhood is one word to define The Intergenerational Enterprise. The Intergenerational Enterprise is a collaboration between a school’s Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association,...

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