Our four main programs work together to increase sustainability within a community by utilizing the schools in neighborhoods as the center for a communities development. This vision, we call "Familyhood." Friends of school.org "Every school shall have a functioning Student Government Association (SGA), Parent Teacher Assocation (PTA) and Alumni Association" Mo' Better Food.com "Every school shall have a garden, farmers market and grocery store." Intergenerational Enterprise.com The collaboration of the S.G.A, P.T.A. and Alumni to manage their schools garden, farmers market and grocery store." One word to define The Intergenerational Enterprise is Familyhood. 1st Saturdays is the official monthly volunteer/recruitment day to build the above! 1st Saturdays.com
  Since the inception of The Familyhood Connection Inc, our mission and strategy of promoting programs that bring the generations together to improve communities, has evolved with technology to include the hashtag “#” in front of the word “Familyhood to stay updated of our affairs at http://twitter.com/familyhood. #Familyhood has three main definitions: 1) #Familyhood is one word to define The Intergenerational Enterprise. The Intergenerational Enterprise is a collaboration between a school’s Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association, and Alumni. "The Intergenerational Enterprise" is too many letters for a Twitter handle, so we use #familyhood to represent this collaboration in one word. 2) #Familyhood is also one word to define “Healthy Economics”. Healthy Economics (HE) is a community development strategy that defines the school as the center of a communities development. #Familyhood dissects each school into three main organizations: Student Government Association (SGA), Parent Teacher Association and Alumni (PTA) and promotes these organization to collaborate. This collaboration is called The Intergenerational Enterprise. HE promotes The Intergenerational Enterprise to manage the school’s garden, farmers market and eventually a grocery store. HE is divided into four main strategies/brands/websites/twitter that work together to recruit volunteers (students/parents/alumni/community partners) to join these organizations and to eventually collaborate. They are: #1stSaturdays/1stsaturdays.com, #friendsofschool/friendsofschool.org #familyhood (#1 definition above)/ intergenerationalenterprise.com and #mobetterfood/mobetterfood.com. To define each: #1stSaturdays defines the 1st Saturday of each month at the school as the official monthly volunteer/recruitment day. #Familyhood BEGINS with the SCHOOL’S ADMINISTRATION “SAVING ALL 1st SATURDAYS of the year” on the annual calendar as “Volunteer/Recruitment days”. Each 1st Saturday’s of the month, volunteers visit the school to achieve the two main motto. 1) #Friendsofschool’s motto is, “every school shall have a functioning Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association.” Since, many schools do not have these organizations functioning on campus, especially in lower income communities, the #friendsofschool program assists the school’s administration with creating/ engaging and collaborating these organizations with community partners to advance towards #Familyhood (definition 3). During the 1stSaturday’s volunteer events, #Friendsofschool promotes a portion of time on the agenda to updates from representatives of the school’s SGA, PTA, ALUMNI. 2) #mobetterfood’s motto is “every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store.” Each month, The Intergenerational Enterprise meets at the schools garden or/and farmers market to improve it, with a vision of achieving both motto's. 3) #Familyhood is the vision of a community or neighborhood becoming a healthy, sustainable, peaceful, community. We believe we can advance communities towards #Familyhood by utilizing schools as centers for community development. If interested in joining, supporting, donating to our efforts, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your consideration! David N. Roach Co-Founder/ Director The Familyhood Connection droach@familyhoodconnection.org



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