Familyhood -10-3


#Familyhood -10-3   Since the inception of The Familyhood Connection Inc, our mission and strategy of promoting programs that bring the generations together to improve communities, has evolved with technology to include the hashtag “#” in front of the word “Familyhood.” To create a general understanding of what #Familyhood means, this document, “ #Familyhood – 10-3 ” was written. 10-3 […]

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Why #Familyhood

Why #Familyhood? According to Hotep (#hotepsadventure), #familyhood is one word to describe The Inter-generational Enterprise. Also, according to Hotep, The Inter-Generational Enterprise is the collaboration of a schools three main organizations and community partners. A school’s three main organizations are the schools Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association. Why #familyhood then in essence is asking two main […]

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How #Familyhood will work

Our Strategy to attain #Familyhood is Healthy Economics. According to David N. Roach, “Healthy Economics,” is an inter-generational approach of increasing sustainability from within a community by utilizing schools as centers for development. Healthy Economics defines the school in every community as the nucleus of that communities development. Healthy Economics divides this nucleus into three main school based organizations and […]

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