Why #Familyhood?

According to Hotep (#hotepsadventure), #familyhood is one word to describe The Inter-generational Enterprise.

Also, according to Hotep, The Inter-Generational Enterprise is the collaboration of a schools three main organizations and community partners. A school’s three main organizations are the schools Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association.

Why #familyhood then in essence is asking two main questions: 1) why should every school first have these organizations functioning? And 2) why should they collaborate?

The answer to these questions, I believe is quite obvious, but let me illustrate the importance because many schools do not have these basic organizations functioning on school campuses and rarely (we have yet to see them in collaboration).

One of these three main school based organizations, as mentioned above, is The Student Government Association. Having a functioning student government association promotes a hands -on educational approach to teaching our countries “greatest asset” – promoters of – “DEMOCRACY.”

For example, through the process of a school hosting an election, which usually involves first a criteria of which students can run for office (i.e. 2.5 G.P.A and up, school service hours, etc) students are able to act out one of their most important rights as a future adult- the right to vote.

Once their candidates are elected, i.e. the president, secretary, treasurer, vice-president, etc, and board meetings are conducted, the students learn usually Roberts Rules of Order and therefore learn how to conduct a meeting.

The participation of the Alumni Association is key in developing #Familyhood. The Alumni Association gives the student a vision of seeing themselves as future graduates and future mentors/supporters/participants of “The Enterprises” they once operated hands -on as students.